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10 things I love

Last week I woofed about 10 strange things humans do, this week I thought I would keep with the theme in some ways and venture into the world of 10 things dogs love, you may see some similarities in these two posts – oh why are humans so strange that …

Win 1 of 10 Pawsome Boxes

Good morning poochie pals! How are you all today? I am one excited dog today as the lovely people at Pawsomebox are letting me giveaway 10 of their pawsome Valentines boxes to you lucky people! I was lucky enough to receive one of their Christmas boxes, which I reviewed over …
Me Silly

Silly Faces R Me!

Woofles my poochie pals! I’ve been helping over at Life in a Break Down again (can a dog never get a break)! But as you can see I thought pulling faces was so much more fun! They seemed to find this hysterically funny a well. I just thought it tasted …
Me Silly

I am Sally

Woofles my friends and welcome to my doggy blog – I am Sally! Some of you may have seen me hanging around on Life in a Break Down but 2015 feels like the year I should take my paws to the keyboard myself and blog alone. For those of you who …