Hello woofla friends, this is a hard post for me to write, but I want to help my pals who are still struggling against the cruel world that it sometimes is for us dogs.

I wear my past daily, from the scars on my face to the way I react to certain situations and while the humans can never know everything that happened in the first five years of my life, they know a little.

When I was adopted they told the humans they didn’t know if I was spayed and they would have to play a waiting game and see if I can into season, around 6 months after being with them, I started to bleed. It was a scary time for us all, I bleed a lot – more than I should and the humans had to cover the entire floor with blankets which could later be thrown away.

They rushed me to the vets who were worried, but couldn’t do anything until the season had passed, but booked me into be spayed a few weeks later. In that time the human had got a kitten, she was a lovely and my body decided to start producing milk for her, so the operation had to be put off a little longer while I took tablets to dry up.

Finally came the day of my operation, I won’t pretend I wasn’t scared, I didn’t understand they were trying to help me. But when I was recovered I heard the humans talking, they spoke about it being a life saving operation, my womb had been very infected from all the puppies I had, had and was the reason my season had been so bad.

If it had been left longer, or I had fallen pregnant again – I was unlikely to survive.

My experiences come from being an unloved dog, allowed to roam and well I can’t say what else – but what if I told you backstreet breeders where doing this to dogs on purpose – making thoroughbred dogs produce litter after litter? Until they were thrown out on the street as they weren’t useful any more.

What if I told you those litters sometimes I ended up with lifelong conditions?

Could you find it in your heart to help Battersea and their #MotherAgain campaign to end backstreet breeding? All they want is for you to write to your local MP and ask them to bring in regulations for breeders including:

A ban on the sale of puppies under eight weeks’ old.
The introduction of a required breeding licence for any household producing two or more litters per year.

Please can you spare a few minutes and help a dog?

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