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Woofles poochie pals, how are you?

The other day I was delivered some post and I LOVE post, as not only do I get to bark at the person delivering it, but I get to destroy the boxes and if it’s for me hopefully enjoy what is inside and wow did I enjoy what was inside of this package?

Out of the blue the lovely people over at BarkBeats sent me a box! Apparently we knew nothing about it until an email arrived telling us it was on its way, what a lovely surprise from them.


Of course I quickly got into investigating what was in my box and oh the delights!!

There was:
A squeaky turtle
Rubber Ring
Some treats
and oh joy oh joy a BONE!



What more could a little dog want. But then the human wanted to take photos and it is no time to be taking photos when there is a bone to be eaten so I stole the packet and ran off.
Sadly the human called “Mum” ran after me and took it back to my human.
Sad doggy times.


So I let her take as quick a photo as I could and then I took my bone back, quickly snaffling it out of its wrapper and taking it out into the garden when at last I was allowed to enjoy my bone.


So there you have my box, apparently before I am allowed to return to my bone the human says I should let you know that BarkBeats cost £14.90 a month and can be suited to your dog’s size and each month the include different goodies for your dog!

A huge thank you to BarkBeats for my treat and now poochie pals I’m off to enjoy more of my bone!


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