I am Sally Dog..


I am Sally Dog and I love to:

  • Bark
  • Run
  • Lick (windows)
  • Play with my toys
  • Eat
  • Steal food
  • Squeak things
  • Wake people up in the middle of the night
  • Make people laugh
  • Sleep
  • Get in the way
  • Knock peoples hands when they are on the computer
  • Be given treats
  • Snore
  • Be brushed
  • Go on long walks
  • Sniff at new smells
  • Fart
  • Chase things in my dreams
  • Leave fur all over the place
  • Be guardian of my little brothers; the piggy pair (aka Dobby and Sock the Guinea Pigs)
  • Flap my ears
  • Destroy bottles
  • Hunt down lost food
  • Sit on my head
  • Dance with the Ashie monster
  • Tease Sarah by not saying please to her (only to Ashie)
  • Sneeze (but no one else must EVER)
  • Play nurse dog
  • Sniff peoples ears (or morning breath)
  • Make my Sarah’s heart happy!

What do you love to do?

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