Author: Sally


What to do when the humans abandon you

Woofles poochies pals! How are you? I must admit I am in a terribly bad mood – would you believe the humans abandoned me to a life of pampering at the home of those they call Mum and Dad – I mean how could they! Don’t get me wrong I …
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Pooch and Mutt – Calm and Relaxed: Review

Woof woof poochie friends, how are you all today? The lovely people over at Pooch and Mutt were kind enough to treat me to some of their delicious food, the humans have this boring tendency of feeding me the same thing over and over again (apparently it’s for my own …


Hello woofla friends, this is a hard post for me to write, but I want to help my pals who are still struggling against the cruel world that it sometimes is for us dogs. I wear my past daily, from the scars on my face to the way I react …