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10 Strange Things Humans Do

Sometimes I watch the humans around me and wonder what are you doing? Humans are very odd creatures, have you noticed it to? They don’t seem to follow the rules of ‘dog’ and end up looking ever so funny. I mean they walk on two paws for a start, who …
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I am Sally Dog..

I am Sally Dog and I love to: Bark Run Lick (windows) Play with my toys Eat Steal food Squeak things Wake people up in the middle of the night Make people laugh Sleep Get in the way Knock peoples hands when they are on the computer Be given treats Snore …
Me Silly

This is what SallyDogs are made of

Humans are so soft, I mean all you need to do is roll over shove your belly in the air and wag your tail about a bit and they become your BFF; that is without adding in puppy dog eye. You see that is how you lure them in, you …
Me Silly

Silly Faces R Me!

Woofles my poochie pals! I’ve been helping over at Life in a Break Down again (can a dog never get a break)! But as you can see I thought pulling faces was so much more fun! They seemed to find this hysterically funny a well. I just thought it tasted …