Me Silly

This is what SallyDogs are made of


Humans are so soft, I mean all you need to do is roll over shove your belly in the air and wag your tail about a bit and they become your BFF; that is without adding in puppy dog eye.

You see that is how you lure them in, you act like sweetness and light, you sit on command and wag at all the right times.

Then once you have them all worked out, you take advantage.

That lovely bit of tasty smelling food that is just reachable if you were to stick a long doggy tongue out and jump up a little on your hind legs. You know the piece I mean as they always leave a plate just a little too close to the edge on the table.

While they might be upset for a while, you just revert to the cute look and bingo they are soon enough back to being putty in your hands.

Then of course when they upset you, because they are bound to get on a little dogs nerves from time to time you perfect such manoeuvres as the fart and run.

To do this you need to lull them into a false sense of security, you stop whatever you are doing that annoys them and curl up at their feet or by their side, then you let one brew for a while, you know till it’s perfectly good smelling (as for some reason they don’t get the fact it smells delightful) then you let it rip!

Being a dog can be such a hard life, but oh how easy it is to make it a little easier.

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