10 things I love


Last week I woofed about 10 strange things humans do, this week I thought I would keep with the theme in some ways and venture into the world of 10 things dogs love, you may see some similarities in these two posts – oh why are humans so strange that they cannot understand the doggy love.

1. Attention
Something that should be served up on a plate whenever it is wanted, however humans should also realise when it is not wanted and I just want to look my majestic self.

2. Food
One of the best parts of the day is when food goes into my bowl, however I still cannot work out why I am not allowed those oh so tasty morsels that are left lying around outside.

3. Walks
Also one of the best parts of the day is when I get to go on walks, or sniff catch up, oh how I love to see who’s been around of late and see if they have left behind any doggy messages,

4. Tummy Tickles
When I roll over and waggle my legs in the air it means I want my belly rubbed, you understand that right humans?

5. Brushes
Ahh to be a pampered princess and have my fur shining and wonderful, remember you must keep brushing till I have had enough.

6. Toys
Best used when a human isn’t aware you want to play, grab the loudest one you have, sneak up behind them with it and squeeekkkk pawfection.

7. Barking
I’m keeping you safe, making sure these people in loud coloured vests don’t come near your door after all you don’t need to be disturbed by them and this is my territory.

8. Friends
I love it when my friends come around, they need to spend all their time lavishing me with affection but you silly humans keep talking to them. Hello they are here to see me!

9. Cars
I love a good car ride, sitting up watching the world go by and sometimes other people look like they have such cosy cars why aren’t I allowed in them?

10. Smelly Things
Smell is good – ok! Get it humans I like to be stinky not clean.


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