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Pooch and Mutt – Calm and Relaxed: Review

Pooch and Mutt - Calm and Relaxed

Woof woof poochie friends, how are you all today?

The lovely people over at Pooch and Mutt were kind enough to treat me to some of their delicious food, the humans have this boring tendency of feeding me the same thing over and over again (apparently it’s for my own benefit) but I have got very clever at turning my nose up at it and now they add a little something else, which I can just about class as passable.

So when one of my favourite treat companies Pooch and Mutt began making food I was wagging excited about being able to eat some at each meal time!

While the humans like to feed me Digestion and Wind (apparently they aren’t so fond of my smell), I do have to admit I love some of the other foods including Calm and Relaxed.

Pooch and Mutt - Calm and Relaxed

I first got to semi enjoy the calm and relaxed treats in November last year while all the wizz bangs were going on (or as the humans say fireworks) but I couldn’t fully enjoy them as I was always keeping an ear open to make sure we wouldn’t be harmed by the naughty bangs.

But thankfully it has all been made up for now as I got a whole big bag of the food and even better the humans left it open on the grass while they took pictures so I got to knock it over and eat loads in one go!

I can definitely tell you it gets the Sally paws up as being delicious and tasty and it doesn’t give me a bad tummy (which the humans often worry about).

Apparently it completely grain-free using sweet potato instead, it is great for anxious dogs like me or those that are a little over excitable. It tastes like turkey and contains ingredients such as chamomile, b-vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics – pawtastic right?

If you think your pooch might like some Pooch and Mutt as well then do check out their website and see what they have on offer! The Calm and Relaxed food starts at £13.99.

*The lovely Pooch and Mutt sent me this food for free, in return for my poofla opinions.

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