Hello Poochie Pals

It seems like a while since I took to typing.

My old paws aren’t what they once used to be.

That said I do miss typing to you all so I thought I would try and at least pop up a post every now and again.

Starting with one on what I have been up to.

Sally wearing a crown

If you follow the hoomans Instagram you might have seen that I now go to Hydrotherapy.

We were all a bit worried about it, but I actually really enjoy getting my paws wet.

It has helped me as well, I feel like I have a bit more of a  spring in my step.

My joints are quite so painful, though I now have to more tablets, to help me.

I am 17 though you know!

Higgins & Lyla Dog Collar on Sally

Sadly my eyes are deteriorating and I can’t quite see so much anymore and my ears don’t let me hear the hoomans so much.

I do miss their voices.

But I still love ALL THE PATS, a good walk and of course my food.

And I’ve found the perfect place to sleep is right on the bed the hooman use.

I mean no wonder they were keeping it for themselves IT IS SO COMFORTABLE.

Sally in Bed

So I guess that is my update for now.

I shall be back soon with some fun and frolicks.

Would you like to hear more about hydro and how it helps me perhaps?

Or what I get up to on a day to day basis?

I would love to hear what you would like to hear from me poochie pals and I’ll get typing it up when the hooman isn’t looking.

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