Christmas Ideas from Etsy

Christmas is coming…

Sally’s getting fat…

Ok maybe not that second part BUT Christmas is coming and you know what I LOVE about Christmas?


It is the best time of year to get your teeth into some wrapping back and shake it all about!

So I thought I would come up with some pet presents, which could be from hooman to pooch or vice versa.

Dog Christmas stocking

Dog Christmas Stocking

Santa Paws needs to know where to my present and the fantastic Printed Fresh have some great ideas to make sure that happens.

From stockings with actual dogs on! To these ones that are just perfect for special dogs like me! There is something to suit your pooch be they mutt or pure breed.

What’s more, they only cost £5.99! Hopefully, that leaves lots of hooman pennies to fill it with!

Christmas Dog Bandana

Christmas Dog Bandana

Sadly some of my fuzzle didn’t grow back after an opp a few years ago. Plus don’t tell any but I’m going a bit bald in places!

Which means it can get a little chilly. I love a nice bandana to keep the cold areas around my neck feeling toasty and these from Gambit & Me are just perfect for the festive season!

In fact, you might want to forget getting these for Christmas and grab them so they can be worn all December long.

Custom Dog Christmas Jumper

Custom Dog Christmas Jumper

We all know our hoomans do love us the mostest!

So, of course, what better gift can we give them for Christmas than their very own Christmas jumper with our faces on!

Coming in at £35 and available in a range of colours this jumper beauty is from Fun Christmas Jumper and you can even buy them with a cat and hooman faces on too!

Houndbox Christmas Luxury Dog Treat Box (Personalised With Dog's Name)

Houndbox Christmas Luxury Dog Treat Box.

There is nothing like having a box full of stuff for you and this season HOUNDWORTHY Vintage have all dogs covered.

With a box that can be personalised with your dog’s name. (Gotta make sure those hoomans know it isn’t for them) And content fit for a Princess Sal Sal (or of course any other royal hound).

This is a great idea for the festive season and will keep your dog full up across Christmas day and full of festive fun with some handpicked toys!

So there you have a few ideas on things you could get for your dog or hooman, what do you think of them poochie pals, anything you love?

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