What to do when the humans abandon you


Woofles poochies pals!

How are you?

I must admit I am in a terribly bad mood – would you believe the humans abandoned me to a life of pampering at the home of those they call Mum and Dad – I mean how could they! Don’t get me wrong I love all the attention and walks and brushes and strokes they give me (I even get to curl up on the sofa with “Dad” which isn’t allowed normally). But how could they! After all the Poppy Cat likes to give me a good whack around the head if I get too close and I need protection from that!

I honestly thought they were never coming back – I mean every time they walk out that door I start to worry, what if they don’t come back – what if I am here alone forever! But normally they are back after a while, sometimes just a few moments later, but this time it got dark and become light again and even then they weren’t home and it happened whole two times.

So now I am doing everything I can to annoy them – I keep walking around the place and woofing at shadows and of course I want the back door opened every five minutes. That’s without bringingĀ in the fart and run move I have perfected over the past few days..

But I need new things to do.. What else can I do that will really enjoy the humans and make them pay for leaving me for two long lonely pamper filled days and nights?


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