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10 Instagram Animal Accounts I Love

When the hooman isn’t petting me and giving me love sometimes she shows me some of the Instagram animal accounts she follows.

I absolutely love looking through them with her and thought I would share with you just a few of my favourites and perhaps you will find a new one to love as well.

In no particular order:

1. @IAmSallyDog – Me

Take me back to summer when I could relax in the garden all day!

A post shared by Sally (@iamsallydog) on

Of course, the BEST account is mine.

I mean who doesn’t love looking at this pawfect face.

I just need the hooman to get better at posting on it *sighs* she is SOOOOO Bad.

2. @TheSugarBee

She rescued a little mouse, she has pigs, cats, horses and more!

This a pretty new account we have started following but all the photos are so cute.

3. @RojoTheLlama

Rojo is a therapy llama! Who goes around helping out people in need.

It is so much fun to watch his adventures. Be sure to check him out.

4. @schmitt.happenss

With the snoot you just want to Booop!

Schmitt is a mini dachshund you just want to follow.

5. @lieutenant_dan_the_twc

Lieutenant Dan is absolutely adorable!

He’s just had an opperation to remove his deformed back legs to help his wheels be more comfortable.

An absolute doggo inspiration check him out!

6. @mooseboy16

Moose is the most goodest of bois.

He always has a smile on his face and just wants to be friends.

I dare you not to love him.

6. @apupnamedsquish

Just add coffee ☕️ #sundayvibes #snuggletime

A post shared by Squish (@apupnamedsquish) on

Squish is a rescue boi, and likes to avocate resuce. Which is something being a rescue pooch myself very close to my paws heart.

Squish likes to dress up from time to time and of course play with his little bother who also have his own Instagram account: @thespottedweasel.

7. @dunkinandkirby

Honestly Dunkin and Kirby and their 7 rescue siblings often have me laughing so much!

Dunkin’ is a grump while Kirby is happy go lucky.

Together they get into trouble!
Dunkin and Kirby are also found on Facebook.

8. @PigletandMe61

I’m just a dog. I’m just an inconvenience. I’m left on a chain in the yard. I’m made to breed endlessly living in my own filth. I’m shouted at. I’m hit. I’m abused. I’m dumped by the side of the road. I’m no longer wanted. To the right person. I’m loved. I’m a companion. I’m a best friend. I’m the warmth at your side on cold nights. I’m the listener that does not judge. I’m the clown that make you smile. I’m your child with fur and four legs. You are my pack, my family and I’ll love you no matter what. Be the right person, always be the right person and you will always have the right dog ❤️. #pigletandme #bulldogsofinstagram #bullterrier #bullterrierlovers #bullterrierofinstagram #ebt

A post shared by PigletAndMe (@pigletandme61) on

Piglet is a bully breed and her owner Mike opened a Facebook page to help raise awareness about how awesome they are and of course about resuce animals.

She has her own ways with words and loves to spread the love!

If you aren’t on Instagram Piglet is a much check out on Facebook as well!

9. @BellaAndLimsee

Bella is a sassy little pup! Who likes to try and cause absolute choas for Limsee!

With write ups that will make you belly laugh, your soon be wondering if you need a Bella of your own!

10. @the_pipsqueakery

The Pipsqueakery is a resuce and sanctury for small animals.

The feed features all sorts of small creatures from guinea pigs to rabbits and hamsters to rats!

You never quite know who will be next to pop up on your feed!

So there you have some accounts I absolutely love following on Instagram, I would love to hear about more though so please leave me ideas of new animal accounts to follow!

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